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Value Added Programs

Student Mentor Program

Faculty members take up mentorship to assist students in setting and achieving goals. In this program, a group of students are assigned to a particular faculty for the entire academic year. The selected faculty in the mentor role advises students from time to time through periodical personal interactions. These interactions would enable students to receive valuable inputs and guidance from their respective mentors to shape their academic career and achieve their targets. 

Within a span of six years, we have made significant progress in our student enrollment. On academic front, our students are performing exceedingly well in Board Examinations and University Examinations. In the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, especially in BCA and in Life Sciences we are one of the best in Bangalore University.

English Proficiency Program  

Our species' most precious facility is communication. No one can be effective unless he/she develops powerful communication skills. Department of English at Indian Academy Degree College conducts special sessions on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. This program is conducted through workshops and/or special classes to all interested students.

Computing Skills

Indian Academy Computer Centre an outfit of the Department of Computer science offers many short-term (1 month to 2 years duration) in many aspects of computing skills. These programs enable students to develop a solid background in equipment, procedures, terminology, typing skills, accuracy, and various types of software through hands-on experience.

Computer Skills Training

Computer Skills Training is provided on Word Processing, Spread sheets, Presentation software like Powerpoint, Multimedia, Database Management, Visual Basic, Oracle, Internet Applications, E-commerce and Programming languages like C and C++, JAVA, etc. This training helps students develop the necessary knowledge to create, edit and produce a variety of documents. Computerized Accounting gives hands-on experience with computerized recording and processing of financial data. These training modules are reorganized periodically in tune with technological advancement, thus making sure latest IT skills are imparted through these programs. 

Additional Tutoring 

This program provides assistance for students with problems in specific subject/s like in Mathematics, English, etc. The program's objectives are to assist students with low aptitude in a particular subject. Eligibility for this program is determined by instructor referral, student request, or counselor recommendation. Services provided by the program are additional coaching, testing, counseling and study-skills instruction.