Had All Modern Comforts Been Lost, Would We Survive or Perish?

Had All Modern Comforts Been Lost, Would We Survive or Perish?, Hi you were relaxing on the balcony fiddling with your phone when suddenly everything around you started to turn to dust you were surprised you put your phone down and you saw a car, a bicycle, a street pavement and a traffic light disappearing right in front of your eyes.

people on the streets panicked and ran in every direction you glance at your watch but it also disappears you turn to look at your room through the balcony door and see all your furniture turned to dust you look back at the street and see nothing but a dust storm your house starts shaking you run downstairs and standing in the middle of the road just in time

before you see all the buildings in your compound turn to dust you decide to get in your car but the next second there’s nothing where the car is parked a second ago you check your phone and see some Notifications about the world being reset everything ever created by humans now m disappear you are still holding your cellphone which slowly feels lighter and lighter until the cellphone or completely disappears

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this is happening all over the world Eiffel Tower the pyramids of Giza the Empire State building everything has disappeared you are trying to find a place to hide until this disaster ends two years later you wake up in a cave with other people everything that has resulted from centuries of human labor has disappeared from the face of the earth only humans, animals and nature are left your city is now a vast barren land with few trees growing here and there you hang out with former craftsmen shave your head, the manager of the comic book shop, the baker, and your neighbors and friends, you come out of the cave to pick up some of the plants you planted at the start of the season, there are no buildings blocking your view.

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Hi you can see the mountains far away, that’s where the nearest town stood before, there was the coast the place have you been jogging once the land is filled with wildlife lots of poison mongoose opossums and stray cats roaming the neighborhood next to your little garden there is a big bonfire where you cook food and hold nightly gatherings

Not far away You can see the well before there is an old pipe network down there but when the world is reset everything disappears the only thing left underground is the water you now use to drink the police in the compound used to be the leader he stands on a log and says there is only a week before the water runs out you have to move to another location with a new water source you finish your work and take a short nap because you have a night watch duty to walk around there is no more light pollution and starlight spreads over the sky there are two other people also patrolling the area

suddenly you see something moves in the distance you m look closely and see a fox the animal is heading to the chicken coop you run towards it and chase it away the day of the transfer arrives everyone packs all their things into bags made of rope and starts walking there is only one horse carrying supplies and water for all people the journey to this lake will take about a week on foot you pass through the plains that used to be the interprovincial

Highway the sun is shining and your group is moving very slowly on the road you meet because of other fun nomads who sell various goods at night you set up camp next door the old gas station the building is gone but the foundation is still there

Modern Comforts Been Lost

a week later you finally made it to the mountains near the lake and into the forest you have to climb almost all the way up soon it gets dark you have to make a camp in the shade of the old trees it was a cold night and your group members gathered around the bonfire you went back to watch the night when everyone was asleep you were on patrol when you heard a growling sound you looked around you and saw a bear you immediately ducked down and tried not to make any sound

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suddenly you realized that beside you was a bear cub the curious creature sniffed only a few steps from the mouth The mother bear roared for her cub you backed away slowly everything was fine until you accidentally stepped on a tree branch the cub started to wail its mother jumped out from behind the tree

Hi and saw you big creature it stands on its hind legs and yawns people wake up in a panic you run and the bear chases you the leader of the group and the others on night watch manage to scare off the furious animal you are experienced with foxes and venom but not with bears in god your first experience you realize that you are not at the top of the food chain again

the next day you continue your journey very carefully many wild animals such as mountain lions and jungle cats are stalking you finally make it to the other side of the mountain and see this lake is an area area that used to be a place for common materials now there are several Settlements built near the waters your group is not very big that’s why you settle near the river that flows out of the Lake then build a hut next to a waterfall and work as a farmer you meet people who extraordinary than other settlements

They used to be scientists Engineer musicians and doctors scientists tried to find ways to rebuild civilization with technology but it will likely take decades the first steps were taken by Making Ovens pots and pans out of clay they also build un docks on the lake and canoes for fishing and transportation a few months ago an irrigation system using lake water has been successfully built Engineers in settlements have even made a piping system that delivers clean water to every house now these experts are building small dams to generate electricity even if possible takes months to materialize settlements grow bigger e

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very week new huts are built all the time a carpenter builds a workshop to make furniture and tools you no longer have to patrol at night and can focus completely on your farm since Everything created people are gone people are much healthier and stronger than ever no one is sitting at home with their eyes fixed on their cell phones or TV screens the smoke that covers the cities is gone too marine life thrives no pollution and trees are growing now in what was once barren places everyone traveled on foot or on horses and donkeys these animals were bred as a means of transportation

the numbers of many economic activities have changed everyone offers their labor in exchange for food or other things they all need people have to contribute if they want to live in settlements there are some migrants who live alone but it is not easy to survive in the wild without the help of others that’s why these people generally work as traders sending goods between settlements that are too far from each other for people’s entertainment

Conclusion From Had All Modern Comforts Been Lost, Would We Survive or Perish?

people playing roles from old classic films in front of an audience someone managed to make a guitar Flute and percussion instruments from scratch now you can watch a concert at night you find a beautiful place to draw using natural ink and leaves instead of paper suddenly you m see something sticking out of the ground you pick it up and examine the familiar looking object with its almost perfect shape in an instant

you rush back to the hut to clean up the item someone is curious about your movements but you make sure no one sees the find it’s finally the thing whether it’s clear of suspicion or true it’s a Smartphone the first proof and Juan’s past technology that’s left you try to solve it and the gadget actually turns on you read a message on the cell phone its contents reveal the reason behind the disappearance of everything created by humans it just disappears into details Dust

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