Here’s What You Can Do if You Become Invisibility in a Day

Here’s What You Can Do if You Become Invisibility in a Day, At first you hear a shrill buzzing sound Then there’s romance flying around your head the lights start to flicker there’s a deafening pop and Umuh’s heart almost dislodges then you feel hot as if you’re in the middle of a desert You scream until your surroundings turn black

You wake up and you gasp lying on the floor In pitch darkness trying to gather thoughts In the morning we decided to visit your best friend an inventor he was working on a new mechanism but never told what it was for you arrived and knocked on the front door but there was no answer that’s when you realized the door was slightly open you even entering the house it’s very quiet inside moving slowly and carefully you arrive at the stairs going downstairs to your friend’s laboratory

usually he doesn’t let anyone in but what if something happens and your four friends ask for help when opening the door heavy metal that goes to the laboratory you are stunned the room is full of complicated equipment but there are no humans it feels like you just want to get out all the test tubes and the flashing lights make you dizzy you’re also a bit scared by the strange low hum what a pity when trying to get out of there as soon as possible

Here’s What You Can Do if You Become Invisibility in a Day, Do You Want It?

you don’t see a number of wires under your right foot you stumble and then swing your arm for balance your hand hits a tool and makes it fall it breaks on the floor you hear a shrill hum and that’s how it is when you realize what happened it’s time you get out of here you get up nothing the sick is good slowly you go upstairs to call your friend No Answer

You decide to go home first and apologize for the accident later but before leaving the house someone pulled the piano mirror on the wall or is it really a mirror because your reflection ca n’t be seen clearly confused g you set the surface of the glass and then slowly you lower your gaze to your hands your hands are not empty you check other parts of your body or rather its absence

Even though it feels like a nightmare you don’t scream and run around but you can’t deny the fact that you are magical clothes and the shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident are also invisible You go into the living room and pick up a book clearly you can see it

What if your food sneaks into the kitchen and opens the fridge your attention is distracted by a piece of cake on a blue plate a moment later you’re holding it It’s still visible huh if it’s like this, it’s the same because there is a new model smartphone that you’ve been looking for for a long time but you still sneak into the store and leave with your phone in your hand back to the mirror the cake remains visible until you put it in your mouth meaning if you want something out you have to hurry at floating donuts must look really weird right

but even if you can’t get good stuff you can still have a unique experience Brilliant idea comes to your mind How about you sneak into a very secret place and look around for example the airport happens to have an airport nearby in the end your curiosity will be satisfied you try to rub your hands even though you don’t see it your body knows the movement you get out and go to the airport while humming a song that sticks in your brain but because some people look confused at the origin of the sound if you decide to just be quiet for a moment then there is another complicated thing from your current situation,

You Become Invisibility in a Day

even though the dog can’t KMU the dog can still detect the smell move a dog runs away from its owner and runs towards you it sniffs Your left foot growls and starts jumping around you you are glued to the place where the dog owner whistles and calls his furry puppy but instead of leaving you Anji the ng just started barking Imo

The dog just walked away after being called by his name in half an hour in a bit of a shock you arrived at the airport you entered without difficulty managed to slip past several layers of security guards but once approached the door which seemed promising a shrill alarm startled you it seems the system has detected your body temperature is afraid of all the conditions around you

you pressed yourself against the wall so that the security guard through the incident quelled your curiosity you just want to go home now after leaving the airport building you are confused about how to go home on foot it will take a very long time you can’t rent a bicycle because yes it’s obvious you can’t stop a taxi because the driver doesn’t see you

maybe you can take a bus but there’s no boss around there, you have to walk two hours later you are tired and want to rest you see a small park with a lake on the other side of the road there is a shady tree you survived you fell on the grass and took a deep breath in a minute you were asleep reh you woke up gosh there’s a big dog above you and it seems he doesn’t give up easily

you carefully got up and started to back away slowly because it was already so scared you turn around and run and the dog chases you you didn’t realize you ran too close to the lake you plunged into cold water into your nose and mouth when you came back to the surface there was already a crowd of picnickers gathered around them Waving while discuss for sure big fish that can cause such a fuss You can’t swim to the shore of a lake and just get out of the water in front of them

that’s why you hold your breath and dive deeper eventually you reach the other side of the lake and crawl ashore How can you see some of it your body is covered in mud, algae and other invisible trash it’s obvious you can’t just show up on the street half-gay like this you spend the next hour sitting behind a bush waiting for your clothes to dry and then you clean up as much as you can it’s dark, you’re tired, thirsty, hungry and sleepy and your house is still a long way off from a brilliant idea comes to your mind when you pass the most expensive hotel in town you can rest there just right you too have never been to such a luxurious place

Conclusion From Here’s What You Can Do if You Become Invisibility in a Day

Hi Hotel door It’s automatic and you managed to sneak in between the other guests no one saw or asked you it seems like using the elevator is too risky because of that you go up the stairs to the top floor it must be very beautiful the view you will see tonight but there is still one more problem how do you get into the room Looks like you are lucky an officer is cleaning one of the largest suite rooms and

the door is open you enter slowly and standing still in the corner of the officer then go and Wow you are free you bubble bath for hours while enjoying the night view of the city then you watch some shows on the big flat screen TV

You play with all the remote controls make a delicious Cup of Coffee and sit on every sofa in the suite when your eyes It’s been so hard for you to lie on the softest bed in your life. You fall asleep with a smile on your face. A scream wakes you. You blinked the janitor who saw you yesterday with his mouth open.

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