How Old Would You Be if You Lived on a Different Planet?

How Old Would You Be if You Lived on a Different Planet?, Hi you received an offer to participate in an experimental program that will take you and some of your colleagues to various planets in the solar system to see How humans can live there as volunteers

You dedicate your whole life to this research You are 25 years old and your goal is Mercury your partner Pak Rian is 45 years he will be sent to Pluto Nora 18 years will be placed on Jupiter Pak Jefri 65 years will go to Mars last TV which is also 25 years old will go to Neptune each volunteer will be given a special chemical compound to prolong life before returning all volunteers are now on the launch pad and ready to take off each person sitting in the cockpit of the spacecraft the plane slid to each planet even though it is closest to the sun

Mercury is not the hottest planet but Venus Sri Mercury is the fastest planet orbiting the sun on earth in one year consisting of 365 ha ri but on Mercury you only have to wait about three months to celebrate the new year to be exact 88 days

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The concept of Eastern time will change drastically Einstein’s theory of relativity includes that time can be affected by acceleration and does not move steadily time moves slower for a moving object compared to a stationary observer time is also affected by the pull of gravity the closer you are to the large mass of graphite Ash strong time will pass slower humans cannot sense this phenomenon scientists estimate the difference is about 1/90 billionth of a second for 79 years but on different planets with different gravitational masses the difference may be seen

astronaut Scott once went into space while his twin brother who was six seconds older than him remained on earth when their age difference returned to six seconds 5 milliseconds you arrive at the MU dorm and unpack with you outside you see a stretch of cave run and the temperature is above 430 serious detail but at night the temperature drops to minus 180 degrees Celsius

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that’s because Mercury doesn’t have an atmosphere to trap heat to keep the planet warm like a desert magnetic field has a Solar wind from the sun that creates powerful Tornadoes with hot plasma after getting used to And putting down all the science fiction books amazing ancestors treated the ground shaking and some stuff falling on the surface Mercury has active tectonic plates that cause earthquakes you have to get used to this you have a quick video call with other coworkers to catch up the variant is on Pluto which is billions of kilometers away from your location where the signal is very bad

Pluto is considered a dwarf planet and one of the coldest places in our solar system with temperatures reaching 240 ° Celsius so the variant can only be in the dorm he takes his webcam and shows what is outside his window there is a mountain The mound that is more than 3000 m high is covered in methane ice. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun which means Pak Rian will celebrate the new year the longest. No human can last that long on earth.

have to wait for the new year for 90552 thousand my as gravity D may age much more slowly than anyone else on earth after her turn shows the surroundings of the youngest member in this experiment Nora makes her new home Vlog on our solar system’s largest planet Jupiter so big that it can fit more than 1300 earths in it is like 1300 grapes compared to a basketball but even though it is that big the planet completes a rotation in just 10 hours so one day here is much shorter than on earth the flora shows its entire dormitory which is like a fun playground full of entertainment throughout the Complex enough suitable for extreme winds that can reach 540 KPJ more fortunately

Would You Be if You Lived on a Different Planet

The person in charge of this experiment did n’t place the Complex in a big red spot that is a stormy area similar to give that has been going on for more than three hundred years and this area is twice the size of Earth Jupiter takes about 12 years ago To make one full orbit around the sun exactly 4707 days technically Laura would have to wait 24 earth years to reach 20 years old but Jupiter’s gravity is much stronger than on earth meaning she may age twice as fast after that it’s the turn of the oldest kjv to invite everyone sees his new house at

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Halo Mas called the red planet because it is rich in iron minerals that can rust maybe Mr. Jefri’s is classy and feels the most luxurious among the others and the view is also the best you can see the highest mountain in the solar system which is about three times higher from mount E verest Olympus Mons is also a volcano as if it were the highest mountain in the solar system. It’s still not that cool.

Mars takes 687 days to orbit the sun. It’s less than two years. Mars may not be the fastest planet in the solar system, but it’s not as extreme as Pluto. The red planet also has more gravity. weak compared to earth but with 25 hours a day

Mr. Jefri may not feel the time difference compared to others Vivi is late to join to show him where he lives on Neptune where he used to live near hills and mountain slopes so the bravest planet in the solar system is not that challenging for him Neptune has a rocky Hai like Earth and Neptune’s uninhabitable atmosphere is blue because red light is absorbed by methane in its atmosphere containing hydrogen helium CV shows the view from its wide window and you can see Neptune’s 14 moons as well as some of its formation early one day noah on this planet only lasted 16 hours CV had to wait 164 earth years for Neptune to orbit the sun which means 50 9860 earth days

that’s beyond the age of ordinary humans but it doesn’t matter to giant tortoises and because this team uses special chemical compounds this experiment is possible just worked out that gravity on Neptune is also stronger than on earth so the TV might expand as fast as Nora on Jupiter after the video call ends you walk around the complex and find that there are other people living with you disassembled differently the same goes for Budi’s colleagues from other planets

Hi 1000 years later you’ve forgotten what the earth looks like you forgot what it’s like to have an atmosphere even the feel of the wind blowing against your skin but you managed to make your living place very comfortable with so much plant and animal life cloned from earth in the bio space you completely forgot About this mission

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Then suddenly you get a video call motive to uk update everyone on the progress you set the settings and wait for everyone to join after about a minute no one responds you haven’t heard from them since the last video call 1000 years ago but then one by one colleagues want to join the body chemicals videoconference everyone who is enough to prolong your life doesn’t physically affect your body as it doesn’t make you age at the same rate as on earth but enough to slow you down by 1000 years everyone looks different 45 year old variant on earth but ages 4 years more because Pluto orbits the sun four times in 1000 years she is now 49 years old but if on earth she will be 1045 years old because she is on Pluto whose gravity is weak her physical does not change as fast as tests estimated

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Nora’s age was 18 when she went to Jupiter and is still as cheerful as 1000 years n ago Jupiter took 12 years to orbit the sun meaning flora is now technically Thirty years old on Jupiter but due to Jupiter’s strong gravity he now looks like sixty years Fajri landed on Mars at 65 years old if it took 687 days for one full orbit around the sun should be Mr. Jefri’s age now 596 years instead of looking very old weak gravity on the red planet makes him age slower Compared to the time spent he looks 80 years old after being insincere TV that used to be around you is now 31 years old on

the Blue Planet Neptune needs 164 years for a full rotation and that makes him old enough with Neptune’s gravity being as strong as Jupiter his age jumped and looks like he’s in his 70s you revealed your age is 4147 years on Mercury because the planet only takes 88 days to revolve around the sun technically now it’s you palin I’m old among all but Mercury’s weak gravity makes you look like you’re in your forties


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