If Humans Live 400 Years, You Are Still a Teenager at 80 Years Old

If Humans Live 400 Years, You Are Still a Teenager at 80 Years Old, Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Buddy Happy birthday you are so happy all your friends and relatives are here your life as an adult is just starting You have graduated from several colleges Have driver’s licenses for all vehicles and read several thousand books

You are full of energy and just 80 year you blow out the number 80 candle on your birthday cake your parents are here they are over 200 years old best friend just celebrated her 12th 100th birthday and your sister is only seventy five you all look young at this age

Welcome to a world where the average human lives 400 years for centuries the cold and dark waters of the North Atlantic have hidden the longevity of the Greenland shark is the longest-lived vertebrate in the world in 2016 marine researchers know the age of the oldest shark the shark is an animal this 400 year old giant animal has been exploring Ocean since the era of pirates in 2050 scientists discovered an extraordinary gene in Dr shark

If Humans Live 400 Years, You Are Still a Teenager at 80 Years Old, How Can?

and this helped slow down the aging of the animal the researchers succeeded in integrating this gene with human DNA and the life of all humans on this Planet drastically changed 50 years later at the beginning of the 22nd century everyone gets a chance to live for 400 years first 80 years of life are considered youth mentally you develop as fast as people from past age 80 people are wise but old in your world you are from 80 years old people but body soul and your health is like that of a youth until the age of 20

you grow like a person from the past but after that this process slows down five times over these 80 years a lot of things happen you finish school and graduate from college you need about fifteen years for that after that you receive another education and another education you can get sek around 10 diplomas in various fields during that time

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you don’t have to work to earn money education fees clumsy manners by your country and family gives you enough money to live happily almost everyone on this planet has this opportunity in your first 80 years you get experience of life you find Shinta have a broken heart over thinking face problems doing carelessness fail and achieve success you make new friends and lose old ones you make scientific discoveries and learn several languages ​​by the time you’re forty

you feel like an adult you don’t want to learn anymore you want to get a good job and live independently at the same time you are like a teenager I no company will hire you until you are 100 years old everyone thinks you are not ready you are still controlled by your emotions and ego you have to spend another 60 years to gain more experience

If you don’t want to learn a lot, you can travel around the world and learn about the culture of various countries. Until the age of 100, you must have faced various conflicts and this problem actually helped overcome your pride, arrogance, add egoism and other human vices and only after going through this is you start the real policy you don’t forget to take care of your body you can get a black belt in judo karate and other martial arts or you can become a boxer or all professional beautiful you train your body then your life is getting longer now you are 100 years old

adulthood has started you are not you just want to explore the world but also improve it you have decided what business you want to get into it could even be some project you could make a revolution in genetic engineering or find a bracelet that could help you escape gravity so you can fly you can explore space and the planets et others during the first 100 years of your life

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you have realized that everyone’s main goal is to work for the benefit of humanity you make many scientific discoveries several billion people work with you some choose biology psychology in but you choose space in your lifetime you can do much more compared to what five generations of humans did in the past you earn enough money to live comfortably you donate to charity and support your family and you also pay taxes so the younger generation can explore the world every day scientists doctors engineers and astronomers create things that improve people’s lives like the inventions they dream of and reproduce them as movies or taxis that can take you to Mars cities that water and air and many other things

You Are Still a Teenager at 80 Years Old

almost everyone writes down the history of their lives it’s important to remember who they used to be Who are they now and who were their ancestors you record the knowledge of the achievements and failures that you have experienced future generations will also keep records of this kind I am that incredible speed of a kind of time machine has been invented this machine can’t take you to the past but can show you events that happened

You are interested in people Wise enough to understand that traveling to the past or future can turn into a big problem but thanks to this discovery you can see your ancestors who lived in the early 21st century 20 or even 19 you realize that your descendants will also be able to see you 1000 next year people always want to explore new worlds so they start colonizing planets some of them are even outside our solar system at first

people spend a lot of time and resources looking for a suitable planet to get there it takes a long time after that humans have to adapt to planetary conditions b new and this doesn’t always work the conditions of some planets are too harsh so it has to be abandoned many KSA planes have to surf in the vastness of space for years ago you and a group of other scientists created technology that could change the atmosphere of any planet to be like our atmosphere on earth the planet that experience diamond rain planets with lava flows on their surfaces planets with icy winds blowing non-stop everything is now habitable in the past rich people bought big houses

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now they can buy planets once someone is 100 years old he stops celebrating his birthday every year for a lifetime it’s a big day it’s become too frequent that it loses its importance Besides you have too many friends if they all celebrate birthdays every year you have to buy gifts and go to parties almost every day so you only celebrate once every 10/20 years p have you ever rented a whole planet with zero gravity and celebrated your birthday Z250 for a month humans are at their peak scientists and doctors are improving the structure of the human genetic code now humans can live for 500 years and in the future the average life expectancy will reach 1000 the last 100 years of human life spent relaxing meditating and thinking about the world you can keep working or you can live near the sea and watch the sunset

Conclusion From If Humans Live 400 Years, You Are Still a Teenager at 80 Years Old

every day you deserve it after spending at least 200 years of your life creating an intergalactic travel machine when you are 300 years old you decide to travel across the universe you can explore planets thousands of light years from earth Maybe there are people who want to spend the rest of their life living with their families in the past human heart by tig truck

a billion times during their average lifespan Your heart has beat more than 15 billion times a human from the past used to walk more than 200 million steps in their lifetime that’s about 180,000 KM you have covered a distance of more than 800,000 KM that is 1 billion steps over the past 400 years In your life there have been more discoveries than in the history of mankind

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