If You Don’t Sleep for 1 Week, What Happens to Your Body?

If You Don’t Sleep for 1 Week, What Happens to Your Body?, Hi, it’s been a long and hard day. You jogged a few kilometers this morning and then you sat all day in the office to make a mobile application to improve the quality of your night’s sleep. You went to the cinema with your friends and came home late.

looking at the moon slowly being replaced by the sun and then you realize something strange is going on one day without sleep you get out of bed and when you look at the clock you are confused it’s been 6 hours since you got home the temperature in your room is normal

You have taken a shower dim the lights and you are clear sleepy but something is blocking you from going to the office and telling your coworkers that you are feeling unwell today because you haven’t slept all night he replied last night he couldn’t sleep either you feel tired your work is not progressing everyone’s mood is getting worse because of sleepiness cancel all afternoon meetings

If You Don’t Sleep for 1 Week, Are You Corious What Will Happens to Your Body?

Finally yes the working day ends and you leave the office you order a taxi the driver yawns and admits he barely slept all night he felt tired and ran a red light luckily he managed to avoid an accident you got out of the car went to the fruit shop and saw everyone around you was tired you came back came home turned on the tv and realized that everyone around the world is having the same problem

Somehow everyone can’t sleep no one knows how long this will continue but scientists are trying to solve this problem Okay you think you are tired and will definitely sleep for a few seconds again you fall on the bed closing your eyes and lying there all the noise outside the window the sound of your neighbors arguing behind the wall the sound of the cell phone ringing all these noises bothering your face put on earplugs put on the cover we wrap ourselves in a blanket and now the beating of your heart and the sound of your breath who men prevent you from sleeping for two days without sleep you leave the house angry and tired everyone on the street has eye bags they also look annoyed you go to the office and argue with colleagues your no boss allows all employees to go home early because working like this is not possible to walk around the city and feel afraid that the sirens of cars passing by, all of them not only irritate you but also make you jealous. The road to home feels so heavy.

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For you, you haven’t slept for more than 48 hours. Anxiety starts to appear in you. You are super tired and feel stressed, more than seven times. billion people are experiencing the same thing right now and in the evening a sleepy TV news anchor reports that all flights have been canceled Hi slime driving a car or any vehicle is also prohibited everyone should stay at home but scientists claim to have almost solved this mystery three sleepless days in tv meditation and hypnosis programs are broadcast so people can sleep but to no avail.

What Happens to Your Body?

Journalists and TV presenters no longer appear people can’t work normally in this condition you drink a lot of coffee But in vain all Malls and even minimarkets are closed -drowsy people roaming like Zombies on the streets emergency news airs during the day on all TV channels the host can’t read the script clearly he stutters confused to pronounce the words but still says the main topic scientists can’t figure out the cause of this Global insomnia because they also want to sleep and can’t work anymore even if they hear you don’t really care

Hey suddenly the power goes out all the factories and power plants are no longer running electricity is poorly supplied and turned off several times a day to save power people rage they take to the streets and demanding an explanation the demonstration has already taken place a few hours the characters close

But everyone keeps coming for the coffee in just a few minutes the copy disappears from everywhere If you can’t sleep the copy might help you freshen up a bit but this time it’s no use you just come back refreshed a few minutes the demonstration ends quickly because people are getting tired they go back home upset and heartbroken some people who keep protesting believe all this is the work of the pope while others think that insomnia has become a part of our lifestyle

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but we don’t realize it you repaint the walls at home to orange because you think this is the right color to make you fall asleep fast I love you and everyone else is wrong after three days without sleep our minds go haywire delusions and even illusions appear

You sit up in bed for fear of stepping on the floor your whole room imitates the sound of a small cat with sharp teeth and a place your sleep is the safest place four days without sleep the cats are gone and you’ve been trying to make breakfast for a few hours you’re trying to scoop Wow with a fork and then you realize you’re not hungry your body doesn’t want to eat anymore

You just really, really want to sleep a special report goes on TV there’s Lightning dactyl coming down the street and distribute free burgers to everyone you don’t want to miss and rush out there are only a few who are laughing some are talking with the wind and you hmm you forgot Why are you here on the fourth day of sleep the view of reality is starting to mess up your brain is blurring the line between reality and imagination 5 sleepless days you are not at home because the concept of home no longer exists you are like everyone else Getting further away from reality luckily the streets are not chaotic

Everyone is too tired and weary to make left world problems look like giant aquariums where people swim like little fish your memory grows blunt the steering wheel can’t remember where you are your teacher and What is your purpose in life instead you try to chase the yunikon running across the green meadow other people also run with you but apparently they all try the illusion you don’t understand what ‘s going on and don’t know anything except one thing you’re so sleepy six days without Aa meaning without what happened i am who the human body can’t function normally anymore

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to save energy you sit on a bench and keep waiting for something erratic they are strong and healthy they keep walking aimlessly around the city there are people who enter the figures and take a lot of food from there but on the way home everything is lost there is also a girl who jumps over an imaginary chasm you see the sky turn purple and icy lightning starts to grow from the ground you spend a few hours on a park bench or maybe just a few seconds or maybe it’s been a few years

Conclusion From If You Don’t Sleep for 1 Week, What Happens to Your Body?

The concept of time has gone ago in some point you finally can sleep you teller just like that for unknown reasons dreams return to human civilization when this happens people like fainting for the next two days everyone sleeps raining hot cold weather birds Nothing Can wake you the whole world has had the most restful sleep in history meanwhile wild animals fill the city streets because of the garbage that accumulates the rat population increases nature and the air becomes cleaner you wake up with a dry mouth your whole body hurts your energy is exhausted and talking is hard luckily you fell asleep by the fountain

so you immediately jumped into it and the water was cold refresh your mind you try to remember what happened people around you slowly wake up you also help them bring human life back to its original rhythm scientists have discovered that this unknown phenomenon that keeps people from sleeping lasts exactly seven days now everyone is taking care of the quality of their sleep the mobile app you’ve been developing for a few months Getting more and more popular and making you a billionaire

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