If You Were Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for 24 Hours

If You Were Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for 24 Hours, yo yo can you please speed up your sleep sir your love to the taxi driver with an anxious voice when you arrive at the airport you immediately take your luggage and run towards the entrance your body starts to get wet with cold sweat and your time is too tight so you bump into a number of people who seem to be blocking your way after repeatedly asking Sorry, you finally got on the plane.

A few hours from now you will fly to the ornament that rests on the Pasir Pantai Harbor and keep moving away from view and you will be calmer because soon your vacation in the Bahamas will be realized without you knowing the sea waves.

wake you up somehow How long have you been asleep there the sun slowly returns behind the horizon a tinge of twilight Shows its beautiful color is so serene and charming but a moment later you are already in the middle of the vast ocean the sense of a third form enters you and you immediately rise from It’s a sign of trust, just send your navigation, it’s quite capable How come now you need to enter the amount when you look at the Compass there the needle is twirling wildly Why,

What If You Were Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for 24 Hours, Will You Survive?

Oops, the Atlantic Bahamas and the compass Oh no, no, Oh no, your ship is sailing in the Bermuda Triangle where this is often associated with many rumors ranging from sea monsters, bases of extraterrestrial beings in the Time Hall to Atlantis, which ones can be trusted and what theories have been proven to be true GPS compass and internet on your cellphone can’t operate all electronic devices also don’t work And of course you can’t turn on the hiat engine to get away from here.

OK, so this is what really happened in the Bermuda Triangle, isn’t it, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most popular voyages, many ships pass through these waters every year and since the 19th century a total of 50 ships have disappeared in the sea.

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Bermuda Triangle Even though other places are more vulnerable too there are many and even if there are serious navigational disturbances in this place, the route will no longer be passed by ships, right before the function of the compass in the Bermuda Triangle is indeed not good because the true north and magnetic north coincide with each other in places like this the movement of the compass needle becomes erratic even though the direction is magnetic north is always shifting and now it’s away from the Bermuda Triangle

Okay, easy navigation is normal again , your electronic device is also on but the fuel is starting to run out you forgot to turn off the engine, hurry up and call the rescue team but suddenly a low frequency sound comes from the seabed and followed by a bright light from deep in the water after a few meters of distance Hi you can see a bright orange light rising to the surface of the water and then shooting into the sky The same Jaya also appears around the sky ship that was studded with stars now starting to dim apparently

There was a big explosion that threw the group asthma to ud Another light appears near you, looking at you, getting brighter and brighter and its energy charge is able to split the ship into two. You immediately scream hysterically and jump outside the ship while wearing a life jacket underneath you, there is also a bright light and everything is just a fairy tale according to one of the most popular theories.

The Bermuda Triangle is located in the ancient city of Atlantis, civilization in this city is very advanced and has no match with the modern era in today’s era , the most effective example of technology is crystal energy crystals. The seabed of this legend appeared around the middle of the 20th century and starting from this story Gito besides the Bermuda Triangle also appeared You sat in the cabin while waiting for the rescue team, Mom , what was shaking again, maybe it was a storm, you checked the conditions outside through the window, but everything is dark there is a jet black object stuck to the windshield of the car it starts to move and has great power and the tattoos extend in all directions and stick to all sides

The typhoon has a crack and you run to the deck in the middle of the storm This terrible giant octopus emerges from the water and finally wrapped around the body and then drowned it in the water, you just stood there in fear.

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This story is also just a myth that giant octopuses do exist but their habitat is in all oceans and they ca n’t sink ships. Okay, the evidence shows that Kragen or other monsters have lived at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle From a distance you can see a ship.

Wow, that must have been the rescue team that you finally called while waiting for you to relax on the deck.

But strangely, the ship was sailing very slowly, all of its body was made of wood and the sails were black. cheers, apparently there are pirates they wear blindfolds carrying swords and parrots ah ah ah after the ship is close enough they throw ropes on the yatmo deck there is no evidence to show that pirates have been wandering in the Bermuda Triangle

Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for 24 Hours

how come the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman which obliterated other ships also doesn’t exist according to one one theory is that some ships do sail to the past or future through time portals in the Bermuda Triangle but again that’s just a myth and you’re in the real world nung Git the storm rescue team starts crashing and your ship continues to be tossed around by big waves during the weather uncertain like this the rescue team will definitely have a hard time finding you, well. You have to wait until morning after putting on your life jacket again.

You hold the steering wheel the storm starts to subside but on the right side of the ship appears a giant wave almost as high as a 10lt building this wave appears suddenly and reverses your words are like a crashing paper boat so hard that the ship turned twice and finally returned to its original position but the wave immediately disappeared for a moment then a bright light emanated from the sky the intention was clear that it was not sunlight but a flying saucer that was shining brightly this object approached your diet and then changed its gravity your ship slowly lifted to The air, accompanied by a loud roar, the flying saucer immediately opened and suddenly you were in dark outer space.

This story is also just a myth, how come spaceships from other galaxies do n’t belong to humans in the Bermuda Triangle, during a storm, you return to the deck. yet, giant waves do exist in real life, this phenomenon known as bloque can occur at any time around the world, brockwaves can appear suddenly when the sea is calm and until now scientists still don’t know for sure its characteristics, many people believe these waves transfer energy to each other past kinetic forms a giant wave with a super large charge when its energy runs out, this wave immediately disappears.

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There are no facts to show that this phenomenon often occurs in the Bermuda Triangle, but in this place there are indeed frequent storms and tropical cyclones in conditions like this, you will easily appear, huh? calm down and you can Good morning the sun greets you with a beautiful smile the speed of the waves is melodious Hi your ship the sea is so calm but the surface is starting to look different Your head seems to be trapped in a giant bowl that is bubbling the roar is clear and the ship starts to crash You immediately hold the steering wheel but your body instead Everything was blown out of the calm ship. It’s safe.

Conclusion From If You Were Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle for 24 Hours

How come there is a realistic theory that can explain this phenomenon, although it has not been confirmed . This theory claims that at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle there is a heap of methane gas, this occasionally rises from the seabed and makes the surface of the water foam with large bubbles this phenomenon does exist but various studies have also concluded that in the Bermuda Triangle there is no concentration of methane you almost spent 24 hours pure one of the most mysterious places in the whole world and finally your rescue team came the ship continued to approach and they immediately took out a container filled with fuel to be loaded into

Hai district but suddenly a giant fin the size of a sailboat appears and then a giant shark jumps out of the water in its jaws, its jaws are stuck hundreds of sharp teeth the size of an adult’s palm you hit yatmo and pulls him to the bottom of the sea okay okay that’s just free fabrication huh Is there a myth about Megalodon like this swimming in the Bermuda Triangle?

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