If Your Skin Is Made of Steel Like a Superhero

If Your Skin Is Made of Steel Like a Superhero, hi hi hi it’s late at night you’re still cycling around the city with your friends but suddenly your eyes see a meteorite streaking through the sky this bright green sky object continues to soften then plunges into a small pool you chase after it the surface of the water looks foamy and bubbly meteorite the one who spoke slowly sank to the bottom of the pool and illuminated the water with a green light while being surprised you approached the edge of the pool

The green light reflected into your glasses and managed to draw your attention you slowly stepped but immediately fell and fainted before you woke up in the hospital while holding the side of the bed you try to get up but you hear a noise from under your fingers while watching your palms you start screaming hysterically my palms are PNY steel your friends immediately approach and tell you if you have time to write by the pool maybe you have touched the meteorite then the genet structure your body starts to change in front of the mirror you can see your body is covered with steel instead of fear you are even excited your body turns to metal

Do You Want It If Your Skin Is Made of Steel Like a Superhero

Ah no reply your friend your skin cells are covered by the thinnest and strongest layer of steel but outside of that your body is still normal as usual your movements can still be flexible so your body is like being wrapped in a knight’s armor made of nano steel particles while taking a deep breath your gaze stares out the window your lungs are still filled with air but what about your skin the doctor who treated you immediately came in and explained your skin cells are gone need more oxygen the surface is not porous so air can’t get in

Now to supply this lack of oxygen just your lungs get bigger and you can hold your breath longer at night you find it difficult to sleep because your steel eyelids put too much pressure on your eyeballs get up to go out for the wind t fire your door is locked after your hand pushes the vendor harder the key breaks immediately outside your room you run into the doctor he asks you to come back immediately because your body has not recovered and tomorrow you need to be moved to another place but you feel your body is fit and want to go home is the noblest to hold cute but you managed to escape

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Hospital sirens started sounding apparently they want to transfer you clever secret to do research and experiment a number of nurses too Start surrounding you with your raw bombs you punch the wall until it collapses like it’s just made of cardboard after getting out of the wall you hurry- quickly run away from the hospital

Hey you immediately tell this incident to your friends and then run out of town But when you start Gowes a number of black cars need not behind to avoid them you start to enter the forest a number of scientists and men in black suits are seen killing you while be walk to the lake in front of you you remember what the doctor said about your lungs getting bigger

Made of Steel Like a Superhero

OK, that means you can hide under the water after splashing into the water your body slowly sinks 10 minutes later your lungs still have a little oxygen supply the chasers finally leave because they can’t see you You start to rise to the surface of the water but the steel skin on your body sinks more and more and makes you unable to swim after trying to rise again your body is still drawn to the bottom of the water fortunately your friends immediately help you even though you are soaking wet your body will not rust, just wait a moment too dry

Hi after a while You continue to ride to a cheap hotel to get stuck and make a plan the sun is shining bright and you’ve been rocking for hours even though your friends are stifling you don’t sweat at all it’s just that your body is starting to get dusty but it’s okay it’s easy right cleaned with a normal human body cloth so that the temperature can drop but your body temperature hasn’t gone down yet your skin is even more puffy and your palms can be used to cook eggs actually fire and cold temperatures don’t harm your body hop when you want to check in your body your body starts to have difficulty moving every time you raise your hand or

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When walking, you will hear a rattling sound, so without thinking your friend gives you bicycle chain lubricating oil and you immediately splash your body. Wow, it worked, you can move freely again, your skin makes your weight heavier and can burden your muscles, but you get used to it soon and your body becomes more trained. in just a matter of hours

Wow that’s great you have superpower this way you can easily break walls and metal plates and can break glass with just a flick Hey near the motel refrigerator you took the magnet and it turns out that the magnet can stick to your body when you turn it on The TV broadcaster reported about you and your friends who are fugitives, your face is plastered on a channel you immediately get out of the motel and Gowa as far as possible because you are too excited to go the modif bike pedal is broken ah to continue your journey means you need a car but after a few hours the gas starts to run out the weight may stretch and the car you’re in is getting more and more fuel-consuming, so go for a walk if that’s the case but suddenly an old pick-up car pulls over the driver with a thick beard he offers you a ride to the station in the nearest town

Hi along the way he just sweats silently cold running down his face Maybe he’s nervous Why is it really weird after entering your destination city there are many longest photos at traffic lights and anyone who can catch you will be rewarded you immediately ask the driver to drop you off but he doesn’t want to ignore you then you stomping to the floor of the car and fell to the asphalt of the car in an instant stop

but your feet are fine a number of cars we start approaching you from all directions after the door opens people in black suits get out and catch your friends but you manage to escape then climb onto the roof of the five story house the scientists and the man in the black coat tries to contact you again but you ran to the edge of the building then

hi you managed to land on the ground with your feet after gulping like a real superhero the asphalt beneath you was immediately damaged and your shoes were also torn while running you scratched the body of a parked car finally you arrived in the forest and spent the night there then you gathered big twigs to make a bonfire but actually you don’t need a bonfire because your body isn’t cold right now you just need to hide in a dark place you put your hands close to the face of the bonfire but you don’t feel the heat sensation on your fingertips there’s not even a fingerprint then you close your eyes or while imagining your future all metal detectors

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It will definitely be very noisy every time you pass nearby the airport bank and cafe officers will definitely be overwhelmed and worse for the rest of your life you will keep hiding in your sleep you dream of people starting to make fun of the Triangle Also, you wake up, you can’t go on like this and after a while you can find the solution so that you don’t get chased again.

Conclusion From If Your Skin Is Made of Steel Like a Superhero

You walk through the forest for hours and your skin starts making noise because it’s not smooth enough. Arriving on the street you see a car parked nearby. your hotel opened the trunk and then took the engine oil container after successfully sneaking into the hotel room you immediately charged your cellphone but an hour later a girl came into the room and screamed in fear and you immediately took your cellphone and then got out through the window a number of black cars pulled up in front of the helicopter hotel also fly in you immediately run to a used car dump and start recording with your cell phone

okay it’s time for you to tell the truth here you said that you don’t want superpowers like this you just want to live a normal life Hi After that you posted your recording to all your social media accounts but it arrived -Suddenly the tower crane lit up then dragged all the used cars with a giant magnet, your body was also attached to the magnets of the people in the black coats and then won.

You can’t run away anymore. they know your real story you can avoid that delete attempt hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

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