The Place You Should Go if a Giant Suddenly Appears on Earth

The Place You Should Go if a Giant Suddenly Appears on Earth, Hi Ho oh they’re everywhere you grab my things and run towards the chip that will take you to the underground evacuation center your dog is following you he doesn’t know what’s going on

You’re outside and can see the giants miles away walking towards you there are a lot of them each as tall as the Statue of Liberty the leader is even slightly taller than the Kedung Empire State each giant has a unique face that is similar to a human face but the scary creature is always grinning and glaring everyone on the streets running towards the size of the vehicle ready to transport people

but you lag behind one giant step the distance is more than 30 M so you run as fast as you can you almost reach the Jeep when the people leave you the city is empty now you run towards the nearest house and hide in the basement the leader of the giants merakr as and Ajeng the whole Complex you run k down and smearing oil and detergent on your body the giants have a keen sense of smell you hug your dog tightly and wait for the giants to leave my heart beats fast and you sweat every time

The Best Place You Should Go if a Giant Suddenly Appears on Earth, Hurry Up

the giant steps on the ground talking louder and louder this means they are only a distance away a few kilometers a few seconds later they stop you are still unmoved but you have to know what happens as soon as you get up one of the giants tore the roof of the house and you are seen all the giants are looking at you as if you are the last cake in the jar they want to eat you freeze trying not to make any sudden movements but the dogs start barking because of them you immediately run away

when one of the giants tries to grab your body the others also try to catch you but their hands collide and you have a chance Le runs away you find a motorbike on the road da n run away as fast as you can the giants listen start chasing you luckily there are no obstructions in the road wow one of the giants jumps over the body and lands on the other side of the road right behind you and the one in front opens its mouth wide ready to swallow it whole you get off the road and into the high forest the trees only reach the knees of the giants but at least they are a bit difficult to see you the forest is very dark and not suitable for penetrating a motorbike you clear the bag between the trees

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but suddenly the motorbike hits a big rock and you are thrown into the river with your dog your motorbike exploded and it caught the attention of the giants but you were already swept away by the rampage of the River shortly after you managed to swim to the bank of the river and took a deep breath now it’s night and K immediately builds a tent you can still see the giants in far away walking there anyway like zo mbie looks like some of you are sleeping standing up you are hiding in a small cave lighting a fire and cooking delicious fish around you it’s so lonely you are miles away from those giants and hidden in a cave but the highest affection managed to see you and Roar while shaking the whole forest

The tunnel also woke up the other giants who started heading towards you You immediately put out the fire and ran towards the denser forest luckily the giants were far enough away that you could find an abandoned hut there you saw the scooter and miraculously the engine worked you immediately ran away you went back to highway but the giants see you and start chasing you meanwhile the dogs do their job barking because of the monster to scare them

Amazing Should Go if a Giant Suddenly Appears on Earth

But of course help in front of you there is a tunnel that goes through the mountains leading to another city the giants walk here and there and destroy everything ua in front of them their glaring eyes shone like spotlights in the dark you managed to drive into a dark tunnel inside there were many cars collided and were thrown to find an overturned truck filled with food you picked it up you could hear the giants behind you were trying to enter the tunnel suddenly a hand reaches out and tries to pull you but it turns out to take your car quickly to your motorbike while holding a dog go

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then drive to the other end of the tunnel the giants are still running trying to break through the forest you keep driving when the sun starts to rise You yourself in this place everyone has left this country You stop at a gas station to refuel You sleep in an abandoned roadside hotel

Two weeks have passed Hi since you saw a giant but you chose to stay invisible while traveling ndara through this country you see some giants walking around quietly you stop for a moment to admire the view it turns out you were wrong the giant who was chasing you suddenly appeared

I don’t know where you started speeding but they started running with arms and legs jumping like diesel they soon approach you you reach a big lake and continue to drive on its shore suddenly a water giant appears from the lake and tries to grab your face immediately changes direction and hides in the forest away from the creature’s reach but another giant keeps chasing you you drive until you meet a group of people the one who was walking with the giants was behind them but suddenly they stopped and ran away at first you were confused but then you saw that the people were holding the loudspeaker it grew louder and louder it made a high frequency sound

It must have been the sound that chased away the giants you introduced yourself to those nomads They refuse to be evacuated it’s never safe to stay in one place So they keep moving you join them they tell Everything from the beginning a month ago

these Giants suddenly washed up on all the continents of the world as soon as they woke up these human-like creatures started destroying everything in their path cities and small cars all of these creatures can live in different climates from all freezing in the north to scorching hot deserts it seems the only weakness of these creatures is high frequency noise which only lasted a moment the earth was now overrun by the giants and there was nothing that could be done to stop it other than having a keen sense of smell and sight and hearing the spooky creatures were also very strong that’s why they could see you even though you were only the size of an ant to them people told me that the evacuation plan sleep i succeeded the giants could feel the vibrations even underground

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the only chance to survive and live in peace was to sail to an island far from the mainland the night came back these nomads kept moving instead of building a night camp Actually the time was right to move because at that time most of the giants are sleeping you are told the most important thing is not to be noisy you have to give up your motorbike because you arrive at a giant forest there are dozens of giants sleeping standing on the open ground anything that touches them will wake these creatures not to mention the sound they will make hear the nomads organize themselves and start maneuvering around the giants the giant’s feet thanks the big bus

Conclusioan From The Place You Should Go if a Giant Suddenly Appears on Earth

Hi you sneak around the living creatures but the legs are everywhere you managed to get past the giants but someone behind you accidentally touched one of them even the creature woke up startled and woke up the others they woke up angry and started to rage you and the others managed to sneak ashore without being seen the monsters were at least not there there was a big ship waiting as soon as everything was ready the ship immediately lifted anchor the giants only realized the ship after located quite far from the shoreline but the sea is not an obstacle for the giants the creature begins to swim as fast as possible

causing big waves but the waves actually carry your ship further away from the giants and as soon as they approach you the people on the ship immediately turn on the high frequency loudspeakers it frightens and drives away the giants the ship manages to sail to a deserted island away from danger

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