The World’s Largest Scorpion VS Spider Duel, Which One Excels?

The World’s Largest Scorpion VS Spider Duel, Which One Excels?, Hi ladies and gentlemen, this time we will witness the plenary battle between the two creeping animals that make the most chills, this is the moment we have been waiting for,

the important equipment in the arachnid class. In the blue corner, there is a scorpion dude who comes directly from the Sahara Desert and in the red corner there is a guest from South America. Let’s welcome Mr. tarantula who is famous in the wild tarantulas and scorpions rarely cross paths. Let’s meet them in the ring and prepare snacks and drinks.

Let’s start with the first round Hey scorpions and tarantulas have an exoskeleton or a strong exoskeleton. from a material called chitin, the same as us, but the strong skeleton of the scorpion makes its position slightly superior to that of the tarantula going first with a dramatic attack of itchy fur. He wags his glide at the silawan which can irritate the skin and eyes and stop breathing.

Find Out The World’s Largest Scorpion VS Spider Duel, Which One Excels?

Oops, scorpions need to be careful and tarantulas a uses this move to deal with mammals in his biome such as rats this striking attack has no effect on scorpions due to the scarcity of Super Strong hi one point for our reminder hero He won the first point of round 2 maybe the scorpion is known to be powerful and he injects this venom with glare the stinger while Transtool ah with its fierce fangs can both animals It contains various substances that attack Ahok’s nervous system because the reaction can be super fast, both of them have to fight fast to attack first in order to win in this round natural selection has made the scorpion more powerful to immobilize mice Lizard and rats, but it’s different with tarantulas because retransmission is not a threat to scorpions.

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In fact, these two animals are very similar. Come on guys, keep up the regularity, but it won’t work. Scorpions are just a waste of energy. Wow ah dude, scorpions and stings dude, what are the tarantulas? this round will win X first body can all yelps have indeed hit the tarantula’s legs but our spider hero looks normal he has evolved and become immune to scorpion venom so even if stung by a scorpion this spider will still survive but there also the bad effect can this will make the spider a bit sleepy even though it doesn’t cause a harmful effect this round is won by dude tarantula thanks to his immunity

Wow, we need to prepare a blanket for you, we are from South America this time we start to sleep because we can get stung score 1-1 round 3 the size of this category is a very important determining factor which is also very important the bigger the size the more can be needed to overthrow the body of the Goliath bird-eating tarantula in South America is classified as large , 20 cm long and can weigh more than 480 grams of leg length alone can reach 30 cm or more or less s A4 paper size generally tarantulas are much larger than the largest scorpions, namely giant forest scorpions , generally 23 cm long and even then including the legs and tail of the tarantula size category .

What tarantulas don’t have is that their sharp claws are very effective at catching prey, so they can also be used against tarantulas, but only a few scorpions are larger than tantulas, so these claws aren’t that dangerous for tarantulas. but even though the scorpion has managed to trap Ratulangi it’s not that easy by Hendro of course he can take off his legs up to two when he feels trapped but it’s okay grandpa will grow back how come the scorpion has to act fast, hurry up, the time is super tight maybe Ajeng let go of the spider’s leg and start grabbing the other leg before the tarantula gets farther away

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Oh, it’s too late the spider managed to escape the tarantula’s fangs are also stronger than tired of the scorpion so the scorpion has to be more patient to hurt the tarantula so that it can knock it down the tarantula bomb started to outperform dude The scorpion and its fangs can be more reliable than a scorpion Wow dude, the scorpion is getting desperate.

Largest Scorpion VS Spider Duel

Its legs can only be used to walk so its protection can only be obtained from its small claws and its stinger while a sincere muntangan is ready to show off other weapons It doesn’t have claws like a scorpion but its fangs are very strong and can tearing the scorpion’s tough skeleton BUMN tarantula immediately took the lead by getting an additional point the score became 31 round 5 speed scorpion deathstalker can wag its tail about 130cm seconds when attacking prey or an average of about 122 centimes per second Wow, that’s great, but even a Texas brown tarantula can keep up with it, even though the scorpion can do a surprise attack, the tarantula can also dodge it just as quickly, which means that in this round, both of them have the same datapoint, the score is 4-2,

there are still two more rounds and maybe Ajeng still has a chance to win. equalize the score Hey round 6 hunting ability BUMN tarantula is a natural killer that can track lizards, mice and small mice, this animal also eats other spiders, if one can, then what can a tarantula not be able to do, maybe jagged even though its legs Canada 8 Well, different from the scorpion tarantula, it’s not actually a hunter, it’s just waiting for prey to come, the scorpion also only eats insects and small pests, so it can’t overthrow larger mammals, so the scorpion still has a slight advantage because the only way to eat it is to wait for the scorpion’s prey to become super.

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sensitive inside detect vibrations on the ground if the tarantula approaches the scorpion will definitely be able to detect it before this spider attacks in this round both of them have advantages and each gets one point uh the situation is getting tenser, the score while 53 rounds 7 hidden talent tarantula has one Another unique advantage is that it can spray food-crushing liquid, so you don’t have to bother chewing this liquid. If you have a hidden talent, you often lose on land, but when you’re in the water, a scorpion can drag a tarantula until it doesn’t move with the help of its book lungs.

Conclusion From The World’s Largest Scorpion VS Spider Duel, Which One Excels?

The scorpion can dive for up to 48 hours. The spider can even dive that long without anything special in the category round. hidden talent this sound the score is 54 and the Referee has stopped the fight so the fight ends with Bungkal King our spider friend got the winning belt our friends and relatives of the tarantula cheered happily

Celebrating this victory spiders all over the world are also happy with the final score even though they can only watch from the screen, yes, watch it on TV, okay, don’t ask, in an area inhabited by a lot of tarantulas, you ca n’t find a tree scorpion, apparently the tarantula likes to kill scorpions and managed to make it run out of tarantulas. Reflection. hmm maybe it’s better next time we vs underwater animals huh

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