What Happens if All the Glass Melts and Floods the City

What Happens if All the Glass Melts and Floods the City, Hey you drenched standing on top of a building that was once a skyscraper which is now Only bones of metal and broken concrete You look down at the sea that was once a city You mumble This is the End of Times

You Close your Eyes then a bright light shines down on you9 hours before a busy day in office as usual you sit at your desk in your private office on the top floor of the tallest building in the city yes your career is quite successful this beautiful city view is second to none there are floor to ceiling thick glass windows and crystal glassware all over the room

but you you can’t really enjoy the beauty because you are busy working the big TV screen wants to show the latest news about mysterious events around the world you turn up the volume but your cell phone ringing catches your attention you turn off the TV and answer the phone your sister says she wants to get on a plane from out of town and wants to meet you but that’s the usual reason for you you’re busy b working and being pushed by a deadline by the way it ‘s almost lunch time and half of your work isn’t done for today

Do You Know What Will Happens if All the Glass Melts and Floods the City

that’s when you realize fluid is dripping on your computer screen you take a tissue to wipe it but can you see the inside of your monitor where you’re staying the drops you take a closer look and the more liquid drips down the inside of the screen the more visible you jump out of the chair nervously that’s when you see something dripping in front of your eyes there again you take out your glasses but it melts you pick up your phone to call someone but when you try they are numbers you also feel the liquid on your phone screen also melting and dripping on your body

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you throw your phone across the room in horror that’s when you see a window of liquid flowing from all angles you slowly approach and examine it the heart is chirping you touch it with your finger but your finger pierces the thick glass 15n timer then you spread your hand the wind blows your hand outside you pull back your hand and wipe the liquid suddenly the glass completely melts and Ambiar is like a waterfall then the big glass in your room melts and turns into liquid

you blame the news back and only got a glimpse of the event before the tv screen melted you went down to the meeting room to use the office phone But in vain the small display screen melted and broke the machine everyone was running frantically trying to contact someone anyone radio had glass in it so it couldn’t be used either you caught a bit of information from his colleagues who panicked something about glass

suddenly melting all over the world all glass in this world is not just jars bottles and Mang Hai insulation mirror housing wires bulbs a lot of stuff around you the strongest of this glass isn’t it good you came out of the building with everyone lan bags face ankle-deep water all cars and buses lose their windows in traffic lights and streetlights also melt and drip on people like Rain if your sister flies in here what will happen up there

You shudder to think about triple windows it will melt and the air will come out because the pressure in the cabin drops it will be like a Tornado hitting the plane the windshield will melt and disappear right in front of the pilot in fact your sister’s plane will probably be fine because the plane windows are not made of glass but acrylic but you don’t know that and the thought that he is in danger makes you nauseous you push the thought away you have to find a way to contact your sister

But before that you have to find it safe to wait for all this and as soon as the eye can see The jammed street of the mall in front of your office used to have a big glass wall but everything is gone missing humans crammed out humans and fish that’s when you remember the mall needs to install a big aquarium in it can be filled with various types of exotic fish from all over the world you look down and see the fish swimming around your feet you start running to your apartment it’s not that far away you should get there but it’s getting further

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All the Glass Melts and Floods the City

You go into the city the more fluid you have to go the farthest you are now knee high then your hips then your waist The water is chest level when you reach the city center a little more but you can’t get into the building uh the waves are too strong and there are too many obstacles hotdog carts floating past you

Finally it’s almost noseless Your Musa ladka is suddenly pulled onto some kind of raft while someone else is on it You’re jostling Hardly any seats have to carry the raft faster and faster through town and that’s when you first see it this place is a hill everyone likes to ride on and skateboard now mun maybe it’s going to be an extreme water ride that nobody’s Stars

everyone prepares before the tree this is even harder than rafting all the prettiest people into the glass flood you try to swim back to the raft then you see it Yes dozens of fins shark oh right you almost get to the part of town where the city aquarium is uh it used to be starting to swim towards you you’ll be a shark’s lunch snack when you swim fast into the window in a nearby building Joe can’t get in you’re safe for now yeah and this whole city the whole world will all sink your only option is to go up to the roof but the water pouring down from the stairs keeps pushing your musat up the water getting higher beats the speed of climbing

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You finally make it and see the whole scene in front of you almost everything is submerged except for a few skyscrapers and everything on the hill the flood of glass reaches the shore and now merge with the sea you mel watch the cargo ship float downtown hitting buildings and making more chaos this is your End Time Close your eyes and a bright light shines on you the copter trick directs the Rays at you and releases the ladder for you Nike without a second thought you climb up and dry the pilot’s body turn around

and luckily it’s your brother who came to town to meet you He happens to be a professional pilot helping as much as he can he takes you on a cross-campaign with the others scientists can’t explain what happened other than the glass

suddenly turning into liquid some of the glass slowly melted like melting ice under the hot sun while other glass is rapidly melting in a few seconds you find that the earth’s water level has risen by 30% that’s enough to flood coastal cities like the one you live in some small islands have even sunk many islands experienced tidal waves after major melt

Conclusion From What Happens if All the Glass Melts and Floods the City

Suggestions happen just be responsive like dropping an ice cube into a glass of water but bigger shouting in the glass is a tidal wave and instead of staying frozen the ice cube just melts and floods the whole world many glaciers and icebergs around the poles break and are dragged closer to the equator under scorching heat

Hi all of that eventually melts causing a huge mess in the ocean system currents and sea temperatures are permanently affected it can cause more and more problems like hurricanes heavy rains and big storms Although there is no explanation for this event humans are starting to rise construction companies find innovative ways to make buildings without glass Just like mobile phone companies, computers and tablets the glass industry is also rising with its innovations the world takes a long time to recover but in the end the world recovers hi To you

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