What Happens if You Live in a Bubble and Suddenly Leave It

What Happens if You Live in a Bubble and Suddenly Leave It, hello ah Beautiful morning You have breakfast on the terrace drinking delicious green tea it’s a perfect day except for a sandstorm that occurs a few kilometers from You also Tornadoes dust and matter free but other than that nothing offers this Stress free morning

Oh yeah I forgot to say you live in a bubble Seriously this is a big bubble that covers your entire house so no one can get in you continue your day by cleaning up your house and cleaning everything you start from the kitchen and then move into the living room and bathroom you get used to the routine goodbye in the bubble all the neighbors get used to you and don’t care about you as you pass by but after the sandstorm earlier you suddenly realized there were particles of sand stuck to the outside of your window sill you panicked and started dropping everything

You hurriedly put on a hazmat and some disposable towels and then cleaned them off After that you go to the dungeon to the burner ran and burned the towel until no evidence remained all was well but you have to find out where the dust came from you stayed up all night looking at every nook and cranny that might be dusty luckily you found it you took strong glue and closed the gap

The Thought Of What Happens if You Live in a Bubble and Suddenly Leave It

You finally got it sleep you take a shower at least three times a day and walk through the disinfectant canals just in case Before sleeping in another bubble before closing your eyes because you’re tired you hear a notification from your phone you’re upset and don’t want to check it because you have to get out of the bubble mattress and mystery and your phone then shower again before going back to sleep

Hi but the phone rings and you have to answer it is shocking the feeling is bubbling you almost cry happily Your long lost sister found out where MU is and wants you to visit her in town or the question how do you leave the bubble and go there you start to panic arrive – suddenly your throat is dry and you are itching you can almost hear the glue tearing and all the dust and bacteria entering your house you can feel them crawling on your skin and into your body wait for key to realize it was just your imagination and luckily you prepared something for eventualities like this time to go to the repair shop -the workshop wants to be deep underground and you have to climb the clip 3 floors down it’s like loose

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Yes You walk all the way to the end of the workshop and see a human shaped figure you press a few buttons and open a room the shape is in metal You’ve been working on costumes for years this bubble and N

You Live in a Bubble and Suddenly Leave It

ow it’s time to use it this is just a prototype and you can’t waste time you haven’t had time to test it to make sure it’s durable you put it on and feel like a superhero the costume is covered with a strong and flexible bubble material that stretches with your every move the costume has a metal frame pad a joint for protection such as knee and elbow pads when riding a bicycle also a large metal headgear with an internal screen to see the strength of the costume and other functions there are also two clean oxygen cylinders that can last all day as a spare the costume has a filtration system to breathe oxygen from the world outside

Even connecting with your phone to access your contacts you step in and everything looks safe but you also look a bit dry so you make final adjustments before leaving the bubble house u exit has 3 disinfectant chambers with sound activated doors to ensure no one can break in this it’s time you shake your legs Feels like wet noodles and you’re soaked in sweat but you step your feet for the first time into the outside world and walk in the open ground with all that technology you thought of having a vehicle with loose armor

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But because you do n’t care never needed to leave bubbles there’s no point in making them as you walk further away from the house you look back and see the house standing on its own luckily you set up a maid robot to clean the house while you were away and you can watch it via the internal screen in your bubble costume

you check your immune system and the calibration is still good cute dog comes up to you and gives you a shy look you try to resist the urge to take care of it but finally it melts you stroke its head before the dog tries to rip off the previous costume he succeeded MB costume Oh but you run away you open the GPS and it turns out you’re only a few kilometers away but the quickest way to get there is by taking the subway

Hi you go to the nearest station and down the stairs the atmosphere is dark and gloomy the floors are sticky and there are many dark corners people give you cruel stares flashing lights Everywhere you go you make it to the top minal and queue or at least you think it’s a queue as soon as the train arrived all turned into a crowd everyone appeared from various angles and rushed in like a small crack in a Dam that suddenly exploded without warning this is the first time you are near a lot of people you are pushed

but finally got on the train you refused to sit on the stained seat and tried hard not to hold the railing you saw various people sitting and standing many wearing suits of casual swimsuits and some even playing music your head naturally went to the beat and even your feet patted the floor the outside world cool arrived too

suddenly your screen pops out and you’re told that one of the oxygen cylinders is broken and leaking you only have one more cylinder that will last you half a day the train arrives at your destination and everyone starts descending all the pushing and pulling takes you out but you trip and fall to the floor you’re not hurt the screen doesn’t work detect damage you straighten up and open the GPS only a few blogs left from your sister’s apartment you run out of oxygen and you don’t want to think about breathing the air around you averse

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You walk to the apartment and see a cyclist speeding near you and a construction site nearby but suddenly the gps is broken and you don’t know where you are in the middle of chaos and you don’t know your sister’s apartment block there are hundreds of buildings around you try to contact your sister but the cell phone is off you approach a person showing a photo of your brother

Conclusion From What Happens if You Live in a Bubble and Suddenly Leave It

but he thinks you are crazy and leaves you you are alone in a big city with oxygen cylinders running low maybe you shouldn’t have left bubbles u suddenly you see your brother is going home walking with a paper bag full of groceries you run to him and startle him he drops everything but you help him pick up the bag he looks your face behind the scenes then smile

You finally meet him and go to his place you are surprised when he also lives in a small confused he lives in an apartment filled with bubbles which are sterilized from the floor Up to the ceiling you can take off your MU costume and breathe you enjoy a beautiful day with him and even having dinner there you charge your MU costume and see it’s in good condition

after a while its time to say goodbye but the emotional moment is interrupted by the news left you check your phone and see the world is now filled with alien gas that infects everyone on earth you and your sister put on the costume and leave out the world is rapidly changing and it seems that only you guys are ready for this

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