What if All Human Beings Lost Their Memories At Once

What if All Human Beings Lost Their Memories At Once, Hi the first day you are walking to the downtown square in a few minutes you will meet a friend who has not seen you in years until sooner and call a friend to ask him where he has picked up and you ask loh so who are you who racing your best friend is afraid to hang up and stop where are you going the people around also stop everyone looks at each other shocked everyone is confused about what is going on everyone on this planet

Loss of memory but you don’t fully know you are a human living in the 21st century in developed societies problems start when you try to relate past events to the present and future you also forget other people’s faces you don’t recognize a friend who just passed by and you don’t remember having a pet at home

you don’t know where your office is or you’re your boss you know money it’s valuable but forgot what it does even so you still i remember how to drive using a cell phone shower reading writing and Locking apartment doors memories of daily activities are still there because you do it without thinking aka automatic while the rest of your mind goes blank traffic gets stuck people stop cars because they don’t remember where they want to go who recently had a driver ‘s license had forgotten about driving rules

All Human Beings Lost Their Memories At Once, is It Possible?

and how to steer news and events Directly interrupted the host who wanted to deliver the weather forecast asked what happened all the bloggers and journalists at work asking the same thing You turn on the tv and can only see faces -their confused faces realized they were being recorded on camera and watched by millions of people but no one remembered what they were supposed to do the promoter director

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and all the Groves also didn’t know what to do before long all the broadcasts stopped the whole town went into a panic people realized something was up went wrong when i there is a man running around crying he knows he has family but can’t remember who his family is the woman sitting at the bus stop looks nervous she sure has to go somewhere but she doesn’t know where and which boss she has to ride a group of friends sitting at the table restaurant

suddenly feels awkward because they don’t understand Why are they eating with students who are about to take an exam suddenly afraid they have forgotten all the lessons for the past months even the names of the lessons the teachers also forget what they have been teaching for several hours

You walk around a city full of confused people all know they live somewhere but can’t remember the exact location luckily your house is not far it reaches a high rise building you feel familiar You go up 10 floors to look for the right door and finally you find your apartment unit but the key it’s not right for a granny to open the door are you my granddaughter is she asked surprised you said it looks like the wrong unit and went to the next unit this time the key fits you Finally arrived home

For All Human Beings Lost Their Memories At Once

Hi second day you can’t access any web to communicate because all providers around the world forget how to provide internet then electricity and water supply stops you hungry and remember how to make a sandwich you open the fridge but there is no food luckily you know there is a place that sells food you go out walk for a while and find a supermarket inside you see people walking between the food shelves you pick up some vegetable and meat buns then go to the cash register you know you have to do something but you can’t remember exactly

What so you left without paying even though the internet and TV were both off You weren’t bored you rediscovered the meaning of the world people are who they really are no one else is trying to be someone else boss who was firm turned out to be a person who good and again secure the woman who has been meditating for months to control has got back angry over anything

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Everyone gets outspoken all internal and social barriers collapse in an instant you don’t care what people think of you because everything becomes a stranger to some people this brings joy they feel free and can scream in the streets others are afraid to leave the house because they feel unsafe on the third day garbage piles up in your apartment a lot of people throw garbage from the window onto the street but because you feel it’s wrong you throw garbage in a container near your house many people find -happy people all over the city

They listen to music and rediscover their favorite songs everyone communicate with each other with joy no more working food and clothes now free you feel this won’t last long your phone battery is running low as well as food and water your fourth day on a bicycle walking around the city you realize more and more garbage is piling up on the streets there are lots of people in the supermarket they are fighting for food then you see something strange the alarm of one of the parked cars beeps a man passing by jerks and kicks him

what is that question seems Lost This memory is getting worse you look at the barrier ahead and confused how to get through it Okay let’s walk for a while after an hour you don’t know where else to go where is your house you don’t panic because the weather is sunny at night you see a bench in a quiet park and sleep there the fifth day the bright sun wakes you up you don’t remember

Why can you be on this bench and don’t know where you are you are thirsty so you are looking for water there is a small pond in the park a lot of people drink from there and you follow it you forget the water of this lake ca n’t be public because you are still thirsty you want to take a bottle of soda from a shop but what is a shop

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What is a bottle ha almost all your memories are erased only your instincts remain on the sixth day you meet a scared woman carrying a stick she shouts something at you You want to ask what happened but you don’t understand the language the woman moves jumps makes a strange sound grabs your hand and goes somewhere you guys crossing the streets with people behaving like animals

Conclusion From What if All Human Beings Lost Their Memories At Once

They climb trees break house windows and pick up leftovers from the trash the woman suddenly stops and looks at you she forgets where she is going and what she wants Shows you don’t remember either Why follow her then leave today what day is it? Is it your day Care is somewhere in the forest Day Chasing a squirrel but can’t catch it You climb a tall tree and see strange vertical objects in the distance some emit smoke

You ‘re looking at a ruined city but don’t remember What is a night city you look at bin pliers and moon you reach out to reach the earth’s satellite but it’s too high You climb higher but the moon feels too far you stare at it and fall asleep right on a tree branch morning suddenly you open your eyes and scream in terror

What are you doing up here where are you Why are you so far from the city Why are clothes ripped where your cell phone and apartment keys are your memory comes back but you don’t remember what happened in the last seven days You come back to the city and meet people who are just as shocked they don’t even know what happened and most strangely Nothing Who can solve this mystery all the cameras in the city are dead and the news on TV doesn’t talk about this incident civilization is resurrected But now it’s chaotic all you remember is you are in a hurry to meet friends but a moment later you wake up in a tree

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