What if Megalodon and T-Rex Evolved Into One Creature?

What if Megalodon and T-Rex Evolved Into One Creature?, Hey you’re driving along the North Atlantic coast in a Jeep you’re driving through forests and plains taking beautiful wildlife photos for your blog then you stumble across a place that’s not on any map this is a bay with blue beaches No human has ever set foot here you find huge footprints of an unknown creature on the sandy beach

This is almost the same size as your vehicle suddenly from the tropical forest bordering the beach you hear a roar playing the ears of Palm trees snapping and falling when this unknown monster comes out of the forest to find out what this creature is.

Let’s go back in time 200 million years ago shortly before a huge meteorite hit the earth a group of Tyrannosaurs migrated to the North Atlantic coast there they arrived at a large bay overlooking the sea for a long time thanks to the protection of nature in this place they are safe from all be the disaster that had happened to earth at that time

What if Megalodon and T-Rex Evolved Into One Creature? Getting To Know More In Here

Hey the fall of the ice age meteorite and the earthquake did not disturb these Tyrex but not only they were monsters in this place a group of Megalodon also swam into the bay to seek shelter the fiercest creatures in the sea and land were forced to live in one place for millions of years these monsters were cooked together in a huge cauldron called evolution as a result a new creature with immense destructive power appeared

this new hybrid monster had all the advantages of both ancient Titans it was a tyrannosaurus rex with a length of 12 m and a weight of about nine tons equivalent to a bus school This dinosaur king has thick and strong neck muscles that can hold a huge skull and jaw filled with 60 sharp teeth and a thick tail Tyrex helps balance his body the bite force of this giant dino

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Okay 5800 kg or the equivalent of an adult elephant sitting on your chest this is very strong but it’s nothing compared to ng strength and size Megalodon Hai the length of this shark reached 15 m slightly shorter than the length of a train carriage and weighed up to 75 tons more than a tank and it was eight times heavier than a Tyrex Megalodon’s jaw was filled with 300 sharp teeth each thanks to the palm of an adult human and Megalodon bite force is six times stronger than Tyrex Hai and here these two monsters fused inherit megalodon’s powerful jaws 360 teeth and huge skull Tyrannosaurus

this hybrid monster moved on two legs but had dorsal fins and the tip of the tail was webbed long from tail to tail. its skull is 21 meters and weighs about 90 Tons It is the largest creature in the entire history of the planet after the blue whale for sure because it survived all natural disasters and has no competitors in the food chain the blue whale was able to live to this day and here you see either the Megalodon Rex or the tyrano download is up to you u call which vacancy is deafening to your ears the monster comes to you every step it feels like a small earthquake you step on

the gas pedal but your car doesn’t move the wheels are stuck in the sand nothing Pinah wants you to get out of the car and take a rubber boat with a small motor out of the trunk suddenly suddenly the pteranodon grabbed the Jeep with its jaws and shattered it like a cardboard box the pressure equivalent to the weight of 6 adult elephants is now being charged to the prosecutor the monster chews it like gum you can hear its sharp teeth pierce the metal and rubber on the wheels then the dinosaur let go of your car while you run into the water start the engine and sail on the boat as far as possible the dinosaur runs after you and jumps into the sea He swims like a shark you can see its fins sticking out of the water thanksgiving small sailing ship luckily the monster can’t catch you to

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Hi Megalodon speed of about 16 KPJ but sec char it slows down almost twice because it has hind legs big webs on its feet helps it to swim but still the weight of this dinosaur’s physical form doesn’t allow it to go any faster 8 KPJ is its max speed the flipper was moving away from you but now the engine starts stalling you remember the tank yet refueling means in a few minutes you will be left alone with a big Predator the monster shouldn’t have seen you because you have sailed a long way but this shark part of our Monster has a great sense of smell in the water

You can’t escape its nose you turn the boat towards the shore in the distance its triangular fins swim in circles you turn far away to avoid pteranodon but the fuel is running out Hey engine is off you started Rowing But now you’re moving too slowly that monster will definitely catch up to you a big dinosaur emerges from the water and comes back down to me create big waves this wave throws you on the beach with your boat the monster comes out of the water and runs after you

Megalodon and T-Rex Evolved Into One Creature?

you have a chance to save yourself because the speed of pteranodon is about 16 KPJ slightly slower than the speed of Tyrex you run and immediately find shelter but you realize Before it’s too late that this is a bird tactic because the Tyrex part of this monster has well-developed odor receptors he can sniff a small house start you just have to run as far as possible from this monster you can hear the Megalodon Rex roar behind you the ground breaking trees shake but then suddenly calm down the pteranodon’s heart works hard

when it wants blood to the big Samosir’s body when running his heart works harder because of this load the dinosaur’s endurance is quite low his energy quickly drains maybe he is sitting on the ground now holding his breath because you are tired j also rest you can’t hear the dinosaur’s footsteps anymore Tyrex can’t hunt small dinosaurs because it preys on its prey It’s easy to run away from him even his steps are heard from afar only a large plant-eating dinosaur that was as slow as him could be his dinner

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This is the 21st century and the dinosaurs are extinct so what did this monster eat now you can hear the trees moving back a few meters from you through the bushes and leaves you can see a big triangular plate you run sideways and realize it ‘s a real stegosaurus apparently the jurassic period still Handy piece of land this dinosaur the herbivore the size of the bus quietly eats the grass and starts to make noise on the other side you hear the footsteps of a hungry pteranodon stegosaurus senses the arrival of his enemy he prepares for a mode against Tyrant Odon approaches you run

Back to safety and watch this fight i tyrano and ran out of the forest He growled open his huge jaws and attacked the herbivore stegosaurus swiftly hit the enemy with its spiked tail the tyrano don’t fall to the side the tree shattered into pieces and the ground shook under this huge monster he stood up and walked with angry with your opponent you decide to run away

Conclusion From What if Megalodon and T-Rex Evolved Into One Creature?

While You Have Time Hi you get to the beach jump into the boat and row as far as possible from this bay a group of two giant dinosaurs came from the forest you sailed around the bay to get to a beach that had civilization while sailing you realized your surroundings arrived

suddenly calms down too calm the waves appear on the surface even though there is no wind around the water is bubbling and you hear a terrible graman from the depths of the sea rising from the blue surface you can see some of the tentacles are big in size and all surround you envy must be a big squid or maybe a squid n Kraken

but then you realize the head of this monster is the head of a shark now you obviously can’t run because it was cloudon who came out of the water but still save this story for another time hi hi

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