What If You Lived in an Upside-Down World

What If You Lived in an Upside-Down World, Hi you put on your work clothes and go straight to the glue but Tugu first you put on protective ropes and tie them to industrial cables to move from place to place this world you live in is upside down with boundless empty space under your feet and thick layers of rock and earth and loud above your head it is said that the world is slowly turning upside down and everyone has to adapt

Think of it like a bat in a cave except that humans can’t fly or grip the ceiling even plants grow upside down without a problem so stick to foodstuffs fruit and vegetables are there water source deep in the ground above there is also an ocean of fresh water right above your head mulu your house like other houses long on a solid surface above you so inside you can easily walk without cables and shields but at home you will fall into

Endless empty space If you don’t wear a shield after years of hard work of research and testing you are finally ready to talk to scientific committees and Engineers about your work so far and uncover the next greatest invention that could revolutionize the way people travel so they no longer have to rely on protective ropes and chains you are so excited to the point that you almost left the house without a protective rope

What Happened If You Lived in an Upside-Down World, Is That Possible?

Oops you put it on and opened the front door there is a real safety net on your terrace so you won’t slip and accidentally fall the view is amazing you can see your city from there right on the edge of the terrace you have a cable Secure connected to the outside world with a sophisticated network system you strap on your Shield and you are ready to go the cable system is attached to a solid surface and has a realtime system like a cable car

you open your tablet in the dockable MU and press your pre-stored destination and click on it. pick up the cable pick you up and get moving everyone has a cable and a personal Dove to take them wherever they want you head to Le swinging next to everyone else Waving hello to you this morning you woke up A bit late and didn’t have time for breakfast you opened up cheap tablet then knock on the nearest coffee shop the system immediately arranges the MU route and the parking lot has a dog station

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luckily it’s not rush hour otherwise there won’t be anywhere to land you just untie your Shield and get inside everyone here too wirelessly and sit back and enjoy their morning cup of coffee you order coffee and donuts to take away you are used to eating and drinking while snagging on your cable and across the empty space below you right next to you there is a cable car for those who don’t feel comfortable hanging on a cable or for them whose cable is broken

you continue your journey and call the valves fortunately in this world almost never jam each cable network is so unique and perfectly mapped that it is impossible to tangle this system is also designed with special sensors so you can avoid collisions you can even sleep peacefully

During the trip But now you choose breakfast and sipping coffee suddenly the cable will stop your coffee spills onto your ex and you look annoyed all around you and everyone around you is hanging in the air everyone is hanging on wires

Upside-Down World

They look around just like you then the panic starts this has never happened in history you check your tablet to see what went wrong but the tablet broke you tried calling maintenance but the network crashed because you were one of the scientists who discovered this whole system you can reset the system and swing your Club past shocked people and code with your hand if everything will be fine you make it to the lab and realize that only your live is electrified you land and run to that section something must have gone wrong

it seems like no one is around you everything looks abandoned and recently abandoned you explore the building and try to contact anyone who might know something this place is the most technologically advanced facility in the area but you didn’t find anything Was this a coincidence even though today you were about to announce your revolutionary discovery but all the wired networks stopped working you should investigate immediately you looked around for clues found if some computers have been disabled but usually these computers are always on unless the backup generator is off you head down to the basement which is technically embedded in a solid surface up

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there you also find that someone has turned off the generator with you Timur made it so you know that the backup generator can’t be turned off unless something breaks it and you just found your first clue you look at your coworkers’ glasses you turn the generator back on and go back to it you check all the monitors watching the city nothing seems to be works other than this live but you can see something suddenly you see some wires moving on

the city border there is uninhabited land that extends for kilometers the inaccessible by cable but people anchored in time that looks like a ship that can fly wait a minute it’s your idea you are going to present a flying vehicle prototype and not only that this mysterious figure seems to be wearing something like a rocket shoe with a gecko-like Cengkareng on the bottom to walk upside down a bat project that’s what you call it

They stole MU’s ideas and l just use it How come you put on MU innovation shoes and rush after them you speed past other people who are still trapped you speed as fast as possible and arrive just in time the thieves haven’t left They turn out to be committee members who will watch your presentation you confront them and they said that they shut down the citywide system as a distraction so no one was chasing them.

They wanted to take this prototype and sell it to another city and then they would make the test look like it had been stolen during a blackout .

already built which has made a lot of money you try to negotiate with them to restore that muscle and re-start the system in the city but they laugh at you and refuse when they board the party ship you sigh shaking your head with frustrated and tapped the Broadcast button on cheap tablets everyone’s tablets turned on including your committee member’s tablet secretly recording the entire conversation and now everyone in town can see and hear it fear immediately flashed across the faces of these committee members having no choice they turned themselves in and

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re-start the system in the city you wake up early get dressed and strap on your Protector you look at it for a second and put it back on the crust then you put on your special MU shoes and walk to the flying one that will take you to the office after last year’s scandal you were chosen to be head of technology and now keep an eye on technology developments in the city everyone loves and respects you more and more you fly to the office and most of the population adapts to new ways of traveling

Conclusion From What If You Lived in an Upside-Down World

some people still wear cables and protective ropes but only as a backup in case of another incident bad mapping ru has been integrated and implemented to create an organized transit network when you arrive at the office you immediately head to the conference room for the presentation of the latest inventions East You sit in a chair with a large screen spread out in front of you you ca n’t really see what’s going on it’s all very dark just a spotlight that shows the way then

The beam illuminates the trash and other scattered items the stuff that should exist in your world but falls into the empty space he finds that there is actually a Land beneath this vast empty space The drone lands on a solid surface and illuminates the area that looks like a cave this drone has legs that can be extended like a spider and walking to the mouth of the cave there is a completely new world of trees and plants stretching as far as the eye can see everyone in the room cheering including you you are preparing for the next mission to reach land new in i

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