What Would Happen if the Earth Turned at the Speed of Light

What Would Happen if the Earth Turned at the Speed of Light, Hey Wow, something’s not right, it feels like everything is shaking, it’s definitely not an earthquake and it’s getting worse, the clouds are moving faster than usual and the animals are crazy.

The news anchor appears on TV with a worried tone and says Good morning, sorry for interrupting your program, scientists. just found out that the earth’s rotation is increasing at an unusual speed a group of experts believe that the earth’s rotation is increasing every second and they don’t yet know why even though the earth is rotating faster 1.6 KM per hour

the days will get shorter by about a minute and a half it will not be so noticeable and you can continue activities without realizing it but because the earth rotates faster our bodies are used to 24 hours a day will have a hard time trying to get used to it for those of us who live at the equator meaning the earth rotates faster than at the North South Pole areas near the equator

What Would Happen if the Earth Turned at the Speed of Light, Are You Corious?

It takes longer to complete pen notation uh from the starting point the rain will occur more often than usual the rotation of the earth makes the weather consistent and balanced so abnormal things don’t happen but because the sound moves so fast the weather becomes inconsistent storms start to happen more often and we will be at home more often while blue and brown hot although it seems strange that everyone can still move

but if the earth is getting faster and moving at a speed of 45 meters per second the day will be reduced to 22 hours it can make you feel jetlag all day all businesses in the world have a schedule 24 hours a day so reducing two hours can have a big impact on the world economy calendar has to be changed and adjusted to the new time clock designs will change midnight will be replaced by 10:00 every week the hours will be shorter

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so there is no exact way of knowing the time except with sunset and sunrise the weather will continue to rain like never stop animal y those who rely on weather patterns will find it difficult to move and massive migration will occur in almost all animal species flocks of birds will fly everywhere and go where

they usually don’t go thus affecting the entire food chain and ecology of jungles and other places for animals to huddle in balance when it is not affected by humans if it continues to rain in certain areas flooding will force animals to move to other areas and compete with predators in that area if the earth is getting faster every day then weighing in the arctic will make you weigh 81 kilos but at the equator you might weigh 80 the kilo is due to the extra force yes

Hi guys gravity in that area with faster rotation of the earth all airlines around the world stop because the Radar system is messed up and the weather is too dangerous to fly everyone has to travel in a satellite car positioned in such a way because of the satay

The lit must not move from place to place so that it can reflect the signal to us because of what is currently happening Wifi and TV signals can’t propagate worldwide communication becomes short and slow eventually communication will be cut off ships will stop operating and Global Trade will collapse adding to the damage to the economy a world that has fallen the wind will be stronger and faster than usual which means the temperature will change like you are said to be stronger than ever and faster to be able to destroy but at 160 KPJ the equator will be and the Amazon water basket and small islands will sink in deep water 15 meters

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Hi the majority of plants will be in danger especially at the Equator with forests under threat of flooding the more environment animals will suffer the trees and plants will not survive the flood If the earth rotates so fast that time is reduced to 15 hours then we might end up feel like always on a jet plane experiencing turbulence it will be impossible to sleep if the earth continues to accelerate every second so the day will be about 7 hours long as well as the night

What Happen if the Earth Turned at the Speed of Light

the whole world will be flooded except on the highest peaks of the highest mountains if that happens humans most likely will survive on a piece of vacant land that is left most of the animals will be extinct too and as the earth rotates the faster it moves will lose its resistance so earthquakes will happen more often and more powerful volcanoes will erupt even though they are underwater and will last quite a while like that many major natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and even melting ice sheets accelerate

the earth’s motion by one millisecond so as the earth’s speed continues to increase this natural disaster will make the earth go faster even though it is only for milliseconds a big impact we can feel now the earth is spinning at a speed of 1600 KM per hour and when you sit with other survivors you feel yourself a bit of a fisherman you will see small pebbles and rocks floating

A few cm from the ground uh the clouds above you are passing like shooting stars the air is very humid because the water rises up to form thick clouds ready it rains but due to gravity the more fat the rain gets stuck in the air many small objects float like in space day and night only lasts

a few hours at this point the whole world will be flooded and the earth’s crust will be lost 80% if this continues there will be no more living things except maybe microscopic creatures that can withstand extreme and harsh conditions the earth has to spin at roughly 28300 KPJ to beat gravity until objects float at this point all the water in the sea will rise and look like upside down rain huge mountain rocks will separate from bedrock and drifting like a plan et-small planet

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in space now the earth rotates 17 times faster than usual so one full rotation on its axis only lasts 84 minutes not 24 hours if you can hold on for that long you will see day and night go by in an instant you too are a chicken.

Conclusion From What Would Happen if the Earth Turned at the Speed of Light

the sky hits rocks and other surfaces you won’t recognize anything anymore the earth’s crust splits and shows the magma underneath so landing is not an option you will see outer space as you fly higher you won’t know how fast you are going but all you know is you may be one the only human in this rotating world eventually the earth will spin so fast that the remaining layers will start to peel off

and show the earth’s contents the earth will be compressed from its core until it becomes like me no one can survive at this point the heat from the earth’s core will come out so the planet will heat up like a microwave all the disgrace will disappear and the feathers will appear like a red dot in the solar system once the earth begins to approach

the speed of light time will stop the rocks and floating elements will not move and will eventually diverge and with enough effort eventually the earth will become a black hole of course something like this will not happen according to scientists the earth will most likely spin slower since the moon appeared earth will slow down by about six KPJ every 10 million years that’s because the moon’s gravitational pull is pulling our little Blue Planet most likely the earth will be heading that way So why hurry

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