You Won’t Want to Have a Magical Hand That Turns Everything Into Gold, Here’s Why

You Won’t Want to Have a Magical Hand That Turns Everything Into Gold, Here’s Why, Hey you just want to cook leftover pizza but a big problem occurs as soon as you touch the tool you feel a jolt like something pushing you you see a spark and hear something explode and then it’s dark Oh your head feels like it’s about to explode what says the micromed is you get electrocuted Luckily you’re alive and you seem fine

good intentions even better your apartment doesn’t catch fire while groaning Eh you wake up your hands are shaking you take a glass to pour water but then the plus that fell on the floor that thing is much heavier than before but not only that now it’s yellowish and not clear after checking it

Honestly a substance It looks very much like gold you laugh at yourself then you take the new glass to the jeweler’s appraiser you are so confused after leaving the place Plus it’s made of the purest gold but you forgot to steal the interpretation said it’s still a bit strange there are more pressing mysteries what you have to do, for example, why the glass turns golden, it must have happened when you touched it, but after that you held the ladder, the doorknob, and so on, you even shook hands, a million skirts, you went home and started work.

You Won’t Want to Have a Magical Hand That Turns Everything Into Gold, Here’s The Reasons Why

Suddenly the spoon in your hand becomes gold, the ability does work but not always , you will be rich because yes, this metal is very valuable, it doesn’t rust, it is easy to melt and it is rare enough that people appreciate it. You start to think that all your dreams will finally come true.

You can go on vacation to exotic islands. and buy your dream house you don’t know yet What disaster your new abilities will cause as time passes Purple realizes you’re turning things into gold Sooner or later it happens every three times you touch something and in the end every time you touch those things instantly become gold after being happy for 5 minutes you realize it’s actually not that good what if you want to cook to sleep take your dog for a walk with the horror that keeps growing you understand abilities might turn into a curse just like the curse of King Midas there is a myth about kings who live comfortable and rich lives in a majestic palace but the King is never satisfied he is much more ambitious than that he wants

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everything he touches to be gold Is n’t it similar But when his wish comes true The king realizes it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him you are horrified and decide to think of something not make you so stressed how could your abilities possibly happen if from a scientific point of view you just changed the atoms of the thing you were whole for example just Remote once you take it and turn it into gold the remote will become denser and heavier or the gold will definitely clump together and then the atoms it will push each other t

Even then the brake blades will explode with great force but that doesn’t happen meaning your abilities work differently Maybe you didn’t change the atoms but just rearranged them this would explain Why the appraiser was so shocked and called your gold glass weird this gold is a bit like foam with lots of tiny gaps in it suddenly you remember something and you feel even more scared you have to be very very careful now what if you kneel and touch your dog

What if you accidentally hug your sister or touch your friends hands after panicking for about an hour you remember one of the scientist’s friends move Come visit him after overcoming the initial shock your friend Sumberasih Soon you have a solution made of special gloves you should always wear these gloves your friend explains the details trying to tell you How one hand will protect the world from you but it Sounds like a at scientific

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Magical Hand That Turns Everything Into Gold

You don’t understand the explanation and stop listening after half a minute your life becomes easier but harder too now you don’t have to control yourself around other people but you also have to learn to bathe eat play volleyball and pet your dog using that hand stock luckily you do n’t have to It took a long time to get used to your new style But one sunny day everything got out of control You were again in the dog energy park exploding and he was running around in circles that’s when the left hand started to itch inside the glove it’s okay

If you and I you take off your gloves the dog chooses this moment to hit your feet you lose your balance and fall forward Hi you see everything that is happening in front of you like in slow motion One second then your gloved hand hits the ground another second and a golden wave spreads out of you changing

everything that you can see becomes ema s then you suddenly float in the air what happens remember clearly the first thing you turned into gold the shape or size didn’t change because it wasn’t big enough but for the whole planet It’s a big deal the gold you make is like a sponge but it’s impossible for us to have an earth like a sponge we have gravity gravity will push the earth and it works .

The not so small gap between the atoms that make up this blue planet is gone and the earth is starting to shrink at a dangerous rate fast its radius is one third smaller than before but back to where you are now you were never stuck in an elevator that falls but you think it might be like this it feels like you feel someone suddenly pulls on the earth’s gravity and shuts it off at first you’re scared

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What if when you stop falling you get sick of hitting the ground hard but it hasn’t happened and you calm down a bit the problem isn’t moving away or getting closer to the ground like j touch it with you from your point of view you see water floating in the air it can’t be the ocean or the sea everything turns to gold along with the ground meanwhile the water in the air starts to form droplets and you realize it’s a liquid that was in the atmosphere before the accident you decide to call it a catastrophe you cause with that term the only other living things you see are birds the birds must have been flying when the change occurred

a few moments later you felt the sting of a mosquito then you know apart from birds there are also flying insects Hi in about 10 minutes the earth stopped shrinking it might have reached the size it needed if this strange world worked as it should you would surely fall to the ground at speeds of almost 30,000 KPJ but somehow it didn’t happen

Conclusion From You Won’t Want to Have a Magical Hand That Turns Everything Into Gold, Here’s Why

You thought I was still alive it might not be so bad but Soon something else changed your mind is lanet type which turns to gold where you will find food and drinking water what would happen to the atmosphere If there were no trees and Algae that produced oxygen

But that was just the beginning the earth was suddenly being suppressed with such great force that soon the earth’s core temperature would be As hot as the core temperature of the stars Besides, when the earth finishes collapsing a strong shock wave will throw the atmosphere into space,

in the end the earth will become a hot plasma ball which will cool down the earth will turn into a shining golden ball that floats between Mars Venus you will soon know but right now you are standing in the middle of a vast golden flat in your mind there are only questions and no answers

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